Planning a Vacation With Two Dogs

Welcome back to The Pawesome Brothers!

For those of you who don’t know us yet: we are Douggie, Norbert, Marcel & Verena. If you want to learn more about us, click here → About us!

It is beginning to look a lot like… spring. And for me spring means exams but also VACATION! Every year after I am done with my exams I have a couple of weeks to spare and naturally I want to spend my time traveling. As I am planning (actually already planed) our vacation I want to share some tips and tricks with you guys.

There are certain things you have to ask yourself before planning a vacation (or during the beginning process):

  • do I really want to take my dog(s)?

» probably the most important question, so chose a place where you feel good and confident to take your dog to

  • if no, do I have somebody to take care of them?

» relatives, friends, or dog hotels; there are so many choices; find the one that is best for your dog and you feel sure to leave him

  • is the place I am going dog friendly?

» nowadays there are so many places you can take your dog, but there are also places where it can be very difficult so make sure the place you are going is a dog friendly place, otherwise your dog will spend a lot of time back in the hotel/holiday home/or car (which isn’t fun for anybody)

  • am I aware that traveling with dogs can be very exhausting?

» dogs need attention and time; feeding, going outside, activity, perhaps extra care adapting to a new place etc.; so make sure there is enough time to take care of your four-legged friend

  • do I have the money for possible expenses?

» vaccinations, international passport, car safety equipment, etc.


Where to go?

Truth be told, planning a vacation with two dogs can be very difficult. It’s even difficult when you have only one dog which we discovered last year when we were in the Alps. However, we are going back to the sea this year. We’ve already been with Douggie twice, but it will be the first time for Norbert which is very exciting. I’ve found that vacation at the sea is the simplest for two dogs because there are so many advantages. On most beaches (in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark etc.) they can run free from October to March, most of the houses welcome dogs, there are many hiking trails, and most importantly Douggie really loves digging in the sand and chasing seagulls. I just love to see how happy he is whenever we are on the beach.

Finding a proper holiday home

For me there was actually only one criteria for a house – a closed porch. Douggie is a dachshund and he has a strong hunting instinct, which basically means that I can’t let him lose anywhere where there could be something of interest. We found our house here, and we always love going there because it is not too crowded (especially in March), there are many hiking trails, dogs are welcome (mostly) everywhere, and there are many beautiful places to see nearby.

Getting there

Another thing to plan is the journey itself. With Douggie we had no problems because he is tiny and we could just put him in his travel box on the back seat. But now that there’s two we need to figure out how to put them both in the car safely + all our luggage. Fortunately we can borrow a much bigger car than ours for our drive, which is a big relief.

The trip from our home to our destination takes about 7 to 8 hours which is a lot for the dogs but Douggie has been really great in the past (by sleeping most of the time), but Norbert is still a puppy so we will have to make a lot more breaks in order to keep him sane. Fortunately, there are many places along the way to stop and take a break and even pit stops which have their own trails for dog walking.


For those of you who are going on vacation soon, here is a last minute check list:

  • does my dog have all the required vaccinations?
  • does my dog likes traveling and doesn’t get car sick?
  • is there enough place in the car for the dog? (like really enough to move!)
  • am I aware that I can’t go into every place with my dog?
  • have I planned enough time for plenty breaks?
  • is my dog safe in the car? (important!)

Love and kisses,

Verena, Douggie & Norbert