Our first days with Norbert

I’d like to say it is always funny and nice with our little baby, but who am I kidding?! Puppies can be really stressful. Thankfully Norbert is a really good one and he learns really fast. He’s already on his best way to pee outside and only outside and he’s already managing to sit on command. He still chews a lot (including Douggie’s tail and himself), but I’m certain we will get it under control.

He brings so much joy to our life and is just the sweetest little creature (next to Douggie of course!).

Fortunately he sleeps a lot, even during the night he manages to sleep for three to four hours straight which is very different to Douggie when he was a puppy. Therefore, I’m quite rested and can still concentrate on my studies.

But most of all I am grateful for his relationship with Douggie. The most important reason for me to get a second dog was so Douggie wouldn’t be all alone while I was sitting at my desk studying. And the greatest worry was those two might not get along. But they do. They play around all the time, sleep next to each other and are bonding so fast it really gives me the greatest joy. It’s so much fun watching them become friends, and I’m really looking forward to watch them grow up together. 💕

That’s everything for now. More pictures to come. 😊


Douggie, Norbert & Verena

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